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Not so long go purchasing a new air conditioner was a simple matter. There were few models to choose from so homeowners typically went with whatever the air conditioning salesman had to offer. Now you have manufacturers from around the world competing for your A/C purchase.


So what is the difference between air conditioners?


They are all basically the same - they create cold air, the fan blows the cool air through the duct work - what makes them different:


·        Material quality  used in the manufacturing (as we all know from buying even a simple watch to tell the time the quality of the materials ranges drastically from electroplated stainless to surgical stainless steel to more costly metals which affect the longevity and accuracy of the product - the same is true for air conditioners)     


·        Efficiency levels  - usually the higher the efficiency the more costly the unit (just like new cars) and with that higher efficiency air conditioner you get more complicated computer components that make it run at such a high efficiency. This all equates to making sure your service technician is manufacturer certified to handle your specific model and that the efficiencies actually have a reasonable payback time-line so that you will save enough to warrant the additional costs– some units can take longer to recoup the cost differential than they will last so you need to know.     


·        Warranties   - many warranties are not worth the paper they are written on, so you really do have to read the fine print if you want something you know will be covered against product failure. As more and more materials are purchased overseas it is not uncommon for parts to get damaged in the shipping so the warranty can be the only thing that protects the end buyer from getting something that doesn't work as promised. Don’t expect all contractors to actually cover warranties – most simply offer the manufacturer’s warranty only and do not guaranty their actual work.   


·        Quality of installation  - WARNING: Installations are NOT the same - this is the most common cause of problems down the road when customers go with the cheapest installers who really don't understand the technology they are installing and thus either size the unit improperly (causing your walls inside your home to sweat dripping moisture in the summer causing mildew and mold problems) or the installation was never designed to operate the way it was installed. When shopping around go with a licensed certified expert who guarantees their work and has been in business long enough to be there when you call if there are ever problems.       


·          Quality of the maintenance  - like your car the better you care for it the better it runs and the longer it lasts - the same is true for air conditioners. If you take care of it you have fewer headaches & save money too. These new air conditioners are not the same machines that were made even a few years ago - they all have computer components now to minimize the electricity that is used and to operate more effectively. Taking care of these units through maintenance & filter changes is vital to keep them operating both efficiently and properly. There is nothing worse than having the AC die on the hottest day of the year – especially if you or a loved one suffers from asthma or other health issues.     


As you can see equipment, installations and warranties vary drastically so comparing work based on price alone could end up being the homeowner’s worst nightmare. At Francis Plumbing & Heating we provide you with a written quote upfront (no hidden surprises) and discuss all the details you need to make an informed decision based on facts.  


Already got a quote from someone else and want to know if what you are getting is going to fit your home and personal comfort needs?     


Give us a call, we will gladly review their quote with you and give you an honest assessment of what they are offering you and if their quote is a good one that we can’t beat we will encourage you to go ahead with the other company’s quote.  


We know that may seem like a bad way to do business giving the job to the other company but our goal has always been customers’ needs first! We want what is best for our neighbors and clients regardless of who provides the service.  


Our honesty and integrity has made us well known in Ottawa which is why many homeowners trust us to care for their heating & air conditioning needs personally.  



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